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I write about gaming on Google Stadia. Based in #Philly and #TempleMade
Google Stadia Logo via Wikimedia Commons

When this news broke, it was immediately and widely viewed as negative news coming from Google, and tech blogs absolutely seized the opportunity of this announcement to further lean in on hating Google Stadia. Hating on Google Stadia is…

Screen Capture Collage from Google Stadia Game Play

A BIG thank you — again — to Google and the Google Stadia Team! From the platform upgrades, the player experience enhancements, the new games being on-boarded, the Game Studio / Developer partnerships, the YouTube Game Play streaming integrations & enhancements, and the communication transparency along the way from the following mediums:

Start Screen for Super Bomberman R Online for Google Stadia
Konami Announcement: Super Bomberman R Online on Google Stadia

Originally, when Super Bomberman R Online was announced for the Google Stadia platform, I thought that a different game Konami had previously created named: Super Bomberman R was…

Image Source: FDG Entertainment

Rebranded in 2018 as Monster Boy, with the release of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, I reviewed the past games in the Wonder Boy video game series…

Back in 2019, when Google Stadia was launched, I was immediately excited for the future of gaming. Specifically…

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